Winter Qi Gong nourishing Body, Soul & Mind – Tap into the Wisdom of the Daoist Tradition & Medicine

Learn how to balance your body and mind in the winter with Qigong according to the wisdom of the Daoist tradition and Chinese medicine!
An 8h intensive body and mind workshop on Nov. 26 and 27, 2022, in local Danish time from 14:00-17:00.

Hosting venue: DrivkraftKBH, Bredgade 33A, 1260 Kbh K.
There is a large gray gate. If it is locked, press the door phone on the left, and it will automatically unlock the gate.
At the end of the backyard on the left, there is a gray door: “DrivkraftKBH yoga”
There is a parking garage close by and the Metro St: Kgs Nytorv, approx. 2 min walk from there.
Who is your instructor:
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What we will explore together:
– How is winter understood in the Daoist philosophy?
– Which element of nature inside of us needs our best nurturing during the winter and why?
– What happens to our health in springtime if we eat and drink the “wrong” food during wintertime?
– What type of exercise is best for the winter and why?
– How can we enhance our sexuality via Winter Qi Gong practice?
– Which emotions need calibration in the wintertime and why? How can we balance these emotions in the most practical way?
– How can we self-massage in the winter to stay healthy throughout the year?
The hands-on practices we will experience together will reveal the wisdom of the “yin-yang” and “5-elements” philosophical systems that gave birth to Daoism and Eastern Medicine.
Attendance fee: EUR 140
Hope to see you there!
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